Two years
Mobil­i­ty was devel­oped in my spare time over the course of two years.
Game Mak­er Stu­dio
Mobil­i­ty was devel­oped in Game Mak­er Stu­dio.
Team of 3
While this was a solo project, I got some help design­ing lev­els, with anoth­er per­son mak­ing the music.
Win­dows & Brows­er
Win­dows and the brows­er were the tar­get plat­form for this project.
Solo Project
I did every­thing most­ly myself on this project, but I focused most­ly on game design.

Mobil­i­ty! is the project I’ve been devel­op­ing on the side for two years. The project was born out of my love for pre­ci­sion plat­form­ers, as well as my dis­like for the inac­ces­si­ble dif­fi­cul­ty these games nor­mal­ly have. My goal: allow as many play­ers as pos­si­ble to enjoy Mobil­i­ty!

Dur­ing the course of devel­op­ment I’ve kept up a devlog, mak­ing about one post per month detail­ing new addi­tions or changes to the game. Please refer to the devlog or web­site for more details on the project.


My focus for this game was for the game­play to feel fast with­out being over­whelm­ing. The min­i­mal­ist graph­i­cal style of the game was set up to be able to pro­duce inter­est­ing and con­sis­tent art as quick­ly as pos­si­ble. Thus, the only piece of UI is a timer. The goal of the game is to touch all blocks on the lev­el. If you’re close to reach­ing this goal, texts say­ing ‘3 more!’ pop out, giv­ing the play­er a sat­is­fy­ing ‘Almost done!’ feel­ing. If the play­er has already com­plet­ed the lev­el, it shows the high score and cur­rent time rel­a­tive to the high score. Once it’s best­ed, the pre­vi­ous score is striked out.

Mobil­i­ty also has a few menu screens that con­tain handy overviews, like min­imaps or com­ple­tion overviews, allow­ing play­ers to track their progress.


Mak­ing pre­ci­sion plat­form­ers more acces­si­ble was the main rea­son I start­ed this project. My design choic­es allow the game to be as acces­si­ble as pos­si­ble, includ­ing:

Most games present the dif­fi­cul­ty selec­tion before they start game­play, and can’t change the dif­fi­cul­ty dur­ing a playthrough. I dis­like this, so in Mobil­i­ty play­ers select their pre­ferred dif­fi­cul­ty for each stage, not for the entire game. Play­ers can use this to negate dif­fi­cul­ty spikes, or allow them to switch to a high­er or low­er dif­fi­cul­ty lev­el on the fly.

Mobil­i­ty! was show­cased dur­ing the Indie Pen­dant game gath­er­ing in Bre­da, as well as on one of the Net­work Lunch­es orga­nized by the Dutch Game Gar­den.