Tom Hermans — Game Designer

I’m Tom Her­mans, and I’m a Game Design­er that spe­cial­izes in User Inter­faces, User Expe­ri­ence, Puz­zles, Nar­ra­tive, Lev­el Design & Game acces­si­bil­i­ty. My pas­sion is to help make mean­ing­ful game expe­ri­ences for a glob­al audi­ence. I also have knowl­edge about mar­ket­ing, psy­chol­o­gy, and UI imple­men­ta­tion in Unre­al. In my free time, I read books, take a walk, go swim­ming, or play games and write about them. I’m cur­rent­ly look­ing for a Game Design intern­ship start­ing around Sep­tem­ber 2018 near the Nether­lands— let me know if you have an inter­est­ing posi­tion avail­able!

Contact me here:

One year devel­op­ment time
Team of 35 peo­ple
UX Design­er

Two years devel­op­ment time
Team of 3 peo­ple
Hob­by­ist Game Devel­op­er

Eight weeks devel­op­ment time
Team of 16 peo­ple
UX Design­er

48 hour game jam
Team of 4 peo­ple
Game Design­er

Half a year devel­op­ment time
Team of 2 peo­ple
Hob­by­ist Game Devel­op­er

16 weeks devel­op­ment time
Solo Project
Board Game Design­er