Tom Hermans — Game UI/UX Designer

One year
An ongo­ing project. Start­ed in July 2017. Esti­mat­ed com­ple­tion in June 2018.
Team of 30
A team of thir­ty, with twelve artists, twelve design­ers, and sev­en pro­gram­mers.
UX Design­er
I did do mar­ket research, UX strat­e­gy, and UI and UX design for this project.

Two years
Mobil­i­ty was devel­oped in my spare time over the course of two years.
Team of 3
While this was a solo project, I got some help design­ing lev­els, with anoth­er per­son mak­ing the music.
Solo Project
I did every­thing most­ly myself on this project, but I focused most­ly on game design.

Eight weeks
Nebelkampf was an eight week long project.
Team of 16
This team con­sist­ed of five design­ers, six pro­gram­mers, and five artists.
UX Design­er
I was respon­si­ble for design­ing the UI, UX, and onboard­ing for this project, and helped playtest­ing. UI art & imple­men­ta­tion were done by oth­ers.

I’m Tom Her­mans, a Game UI/UX Design­er. My pas­sion is to make games more stream­lined, by think­ing as an user would. I also have knowl­edge about mar­ket­ing, game design, puz­zle design, and UI imple­men­ta­tion in Unre­al. In my free time, I read books, walk out­side or go swim­ming, or play games and write about them. I’m cur­rent­ly look­ing for a Game Design intern­ship start­ing around Sep­tem­ber 2018— let me know if you have an inter­est­ing posi­tion avail­able!